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This winter could be one of 10 coldest in 100 years, Kalamazoo continue consultant …

January 3, 2014 Kalamazoo No Comments

KALAMAZOO, MI – Better keep a sleet trowel handy. This
could figure adult as one for a record books, pronounced a Kalamazoo weather

“It could be one of a 10 coldest winters in 100 years,”
said Ray Hackman, who has been tracking Kalamazoo continue for 60 years, during
a phone interview.

While it’s formidable to envision over a latter partial of
January, Hackman said, it looks as yet Kalamazoo residents should expect
more cold and sleet for a infancy of a month.

“This winter is imitative a winters of a mid-to-late
1970s, when we had a ton of sleet and unequivocally cold temperatures,” pronounced Ray

Since 2000, this was a fourth-snowiest Dec in
Kalamazoo, Hackman said.

“Of a 10 snowiest, 5 have been given 2000. This is one
of a colder ones, though,” he said.

Hackman pronounced a high he available in Kalamazoo on New Year’s
Day was 15 degrees. (The normal high for Jan is 30 degrees.)

“It was a coldest Jan. 1 given a mid-1990s,” he said. “That’s
almost 20 years ago.”

And colder temperatures are coming. The National Weather
Service in Grand Rapids is forecasting a high of 5 degrees on Monday and 6 on
Tuesday, with lows of -6 and -3, respectively. That’s but a breeze chill.

On Monday, with winds gusts approaching of 20 to 25 miles per
hour, breeze chills could operation between 10 next 0 on Monday around 7 a.m. to
-25 by 7 p.m., pronounced Evan Webb, a meteorologist with a National Weather Service in Grand Rapids.

“This is moulding adult to be dangerously cold,” pronounced Webb in a
phone interview. “We unequivocally haven’t seen this turn of cold atmosphere given February

The coldest day Hackman pronounced he has ever available in Southwest Michigan came
in Jan 1982, when a high was 1 grade and a low was -5. However, there
was a 50-mile-an-hour wind, and a breeze chill was available as 60 next zero.

then, a approach meteorologists have revised a approach breeze chill is measured, he
explained. By today’s measures, it was “only” -35.

“It was impossibly cold,” Hackman said.

This Dec was 3 degrees colder than average, Hackman

And 40 inches of sleet have depressed so distant this winter, including 10-1/2
inches Hackman totalled given a sleet started descending New Year’s Eve. The above-average flood is in line with a rest of 2013, that Hackman called “one of a wettest years on record.” The Kalamazoo area had achieved a normal annual rainfall by August, Hackman said, and 11 out of 12 months had some-more flood than average.

December, 32 inches of sleet fell in Kalamazoo, compared with an normal of 18
inches, Hackman said. Average annual layer during winter in Southwest Michigan
is 78 inches.

“We’re approach forward of schedule. Last year during this point, we’d
only had about 8 inches of snow,” he said. “This is intensely identical to
the late ’70s.”

And of course, there was a ice charge that began Dec. 21, that caused
more than 500,000 people statewide to remove energy – some for adult to a week.

“The biggest prominence of Dec was a ice storm,” Webb
said. “It’s been a while given we had that kind of event.”

In Southwest Michigan, Hackman said, it was a many severe
ice charge given a New Year’s charge in 1985, when 2 inches of ice coated the
city and some-more than 1 million people mislaid energy statewide.

Hackman remembers
that charge well: His in-laws changed in with them for dual weeks before energy was
restored, he said.

The Dec charge “was a misfortune ice charge given 1985,”
he said. “It’s substantially in a tip 3 or 4.”

Article source: http://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2014/01/this_winter_could_be_one_of_10.html

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